Creative Corner with Jo Price | Trayah Remedial Massage

It’s time for another round of Creative Corner! This time we’ll be chatting with Jo Price, the wonderful owner of Trayah Remedial Massage in Wynnum, Qld.

Jo and I met via Airtasker. She needed some writing done, I offered to do it. Simple as that. From there we soon found that we got along like a house on fire and she went from being a client to a “Facebook official” friend in no time at all.

Though she has faced quite a few setbacks in her journey to becoming a full-time massage therapist, she has never once let circumstances hold her back from what she aims to achieve.

Everyone, meet Jo…

Jo, I know you’re 100% an Aussie at heart but you grew up in a completely different part of the world, right?

I’m originally from the UK and am currently on my second stint in Australia, having lived here before. This time around I’ve just celebrated my 4th anniversary and am definitely not moving back to England!

What is it that you enjoy so much about living here in Australia?

I live 800m from the sea and am so blessed that I get to walk my dog, Molly along the esplanade most days. I enjoy keeping fit by running (followed by the obligatory coffee!), working out at the gym and am just getting back into paddle boarding – so the Aussie weather really helps me keep up with my active, outdoor-loving lifestyle.

Awesome! Yeah, the weather here is a warmer welcome than in the UK, for sure. So, what was it that made you decide to follow the massage therapy/reiki/alternative therapy path as a full-time career?

I’ve always been interested in alternative healing and complimentary therapies and have had a long-standing desire to help others. After becoming disillusioned with working in the criminal justice system, I wanted to work with people who actually wanted help. I began my own journey of emotional and physical healing and thought it would be pretty awesome to be able to help others in the way it had helped me.

That makes perfect sense and it actually means that you’ve experienced the kind of services you provide firsthand! That’s a great foundation for a successful business. Now, the name ‘Trayah’, where does that come from?

When I first decided to move away from a secure government job and start up my own remedial massage venture, I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was going to call it…until I started seeing the number 3 everywhere. The number 3 seemed to pop up wherever I went, and from then on it was there in the forefront of my mind. Then I made the connection: Trayah means 3 in Sanskrit, an ancient, sacred language that first came to being in India. Spiritually, the number 3 represents a sign that the chosen path is the right one, that hard work should be undertaken to achieve goals, to trust decisions and have faith in one’s own ability.  

​That’s so cool that you have such an emotional bond with the name of your business! I suppose it makes you take all that more pride in the work you do. So, the name came quite easily but what did you find was the most difficult thing about managing a business (part time and then full time)?

This is an easy question to answer because I’ve reflected on it quite a bit, to be honest. When I was working part-time in two jobs, it was time management and making sure I lived by my to-do list! Thank the Universe I’m an organised Virgo! Since becoming full-time at Trayah, it has been setting BOUNDARIES. I’m still working on this though. I’m learning to say ‘no’ and not fitting people in on my days off to ensure I refill my metaphorical cup. It has definitely been a steep learning curve but managing a work-life balance is key and I’m starting to realise that now.

Yeah, I feel that 100%. I still struggle with that too. So, what’s your biggest accomplishment with Trayah, to date?

I qualified last year as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki Master and launched Trayah fully in October. I was blown away by the bookings that came in so decided to take a leap of faith and go fully self-employed at the beginning of December. I’ve not looked back and feel completely humbled and grateful at what Trayah is managing to achieve.

It’s such a great feeling isn’t it? It’s worth all the frustration when you finally see that the work you’re doing is helping people. So, what plans do you have for Trayah in future?

So, my plans for the future – aside from running a successful business and creating a fantastic reputation – include more learning! There is so much to know about the human body that will enable me to offer the best possible care to my patients. I’m about to qualify in dry needling (it sounds much scarier than it is) and I’ll start offering this in my clinic as of April 2021.

Learning is always a great goal to have when you’re in business! Now, I think this is going to become a running final question for the Creative Corner series: If you could give any piece of advice to someone who is thinking of starting their own business, or branching out on their own to follow their dream, what would it be?

Do the groundwork, do your research, make plans, structure to-do lists and don’t give up! Be prepared that it’s not romantic and it truly is a 24/7 venture but the reward you feel makes it all worth it.

I couldn’t agree more! Thanks so much for chatting with me, Jo. I cannot wait to catch up for an actual coffee when I’m in Brissy next! 🙂

If you’re based in Brisbane and need a massage therapist who is super lovely and seriously good at what she does, you can find Jo and her business via the following links…


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Instagram: @trayahremedialmassage

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