Things That Get Me Through The Day: Freelancer Edition

Would you like to know what gets me through the day as I’m sat at home working as a freelance copywriter? Read on…


My partner and I just bought ourselves an honest to goodness, legitimately amazing coffee machine. It has a group head and a milk frother and everything! Takes me back to my barista days.

We have a truly wonderful coffee shop down the road from us who craft their own blends. The most recent one we’ve tried has been an Orange Sherbet Chocolate Ethiopia Aroresa blend. It was absolutely delicious! As a lover of chocolate, orange and sherbet this is the perfect mix. If you live in Sydney and find yourself in Sutherland at any point, check out White Horse Coffee on Flora Street. I cannot recommend their coffee enough.

White Horse Coffee


I have two cats. They’re brother and sister. They look nothing alike except for their glorious golden eyes. I love them. They may be a little annoying when they walk over my keyboard and write sweet nothings while I’m away from my desk. But they give great cuddles and they only drool on my laptop’s trackpad every so often. Their names are Aang and Korra (yes, Avatar: TLA & TLOK fans, rejoice). Just look at them.


Call me Poison Ivy because I am plant obsessed. Not only do plants add a warm, inviting feel to any home, they also bring an air of calm. As someone who is constantly anxious about meeting deadlines and producing quality work for my clients, plants are a little reminder that all is still well in the world, even if things might seem hectic right now. They have air purifying properties and they just breathe life into any environment. Plants are awesome.


I honestly feel like the luckiest person in the world when I think about the amazing business owners, professionals and individuals I get to write for. I don’t even think of them as clients, really. They’re more friends than anything else.

I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about a wide range of subjects as I have since I started freelancing. From aromatherapy to remedial massage, video game streaming to sustainable laundry products – I am so thankful to be able to learn as I work. I owe this opportunity to my clients – present, past and future. So, if you’re reading this, I thank you all.

As it’s only recently that I’ve made the decision to freelance full time, I’m always on the lookout for new clients to add to my existing amazing bunch. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can help you with.

The Weekend

I say this as I’m writing a blog post for my business at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. Who am I kidding – there are no weekends in my life, and there probably won’t be for a long time. As long as I can make time to play a weekly soccer game on a Sunday, some Dungeons & Dragons on a Saturday and still have a relatively healthy social life (for an introvert) I don’t mind if the majority of my weekends are taken up writing blog posts, social content and product descriptions. Success takes sacrifice.

D&D Nerd GIF by Alpha - Find & Share on GIPHY

Well, that’s quite enough about me. Fellow freelancers, what keeps you sane amidst your daily hustle? Pets, upcoming holidays, your kids? Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time, hustle hard and stay safe!


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