5 Easy Last Minute Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Black Friday is upon us so, naturally, we’ve all been hit with copious amounts of Black Friday marketing content from businesses of all shapes and sizes. As a small business owner myself, it’s a bit hard for me to get into the Black Friday sale spirit because I don’t really have physical products to market (yet!). But, what I can help other businesses with is 5 easy last minute Black Friday marketing ideas that might help you bring in a little extra profit. Here we go…

Black Friday marketing ideas

Offer a free mystery gift with purchases

If this is within your wheelhouse/budget, you can offer a free small mystery gift with purchases. I mean, who doesn’t love a free mystery gift, right? Whether it’s a small physical product, a digital download or maybe a coupon for a future purchase, you might find that your sales see a bit of a boost due to the curiosity and nature of people not wanting to miss getting something for free.

Send a quick email with a coupon code for extra savings

You don’t have to put together a complex, costly marketing campaign to bring in sales this Black Friday. Honestly, a single short, sharp, eye-catching email with a coupon code attached might entice a few extra customers to take advantage of your slashed prices. Just be sure to highlight the coupon value and the word ‘sale’, ‘discount’, ‘coupon’ or something to that effect in the subject line to grab attention as soon as it hits the inbox.

Highlight your products and sales on social platforms with a quick Reel, TikTok or other form of video content

When it comes to social platforms, video content really does sell. I know not all business owners have the means to film and edit a lot of video content, but if you can capture a short video of, say, your best-selling product, find a great ‘Black Friday sale’ video ad template on Canva and just drag and drop it in there, you’ll be sweet. You don’t even need to write a lengthy caption. Just state the obvious details eg. Black Friday Sale, what savings customers will see on this particular product, where to find the products (website link, Etsy store, etc.), a few relevant hashtags and post it to your platforms for a little extra exposure.

The power of sharing content truly is amazing! Let’s say 5 of your friends shared one of your posts. Depending on how many friends/followers they’ve accumulated, you could potentially be reaching hundreds or thousands more consumers who might be keen to buy your products, especially when they’re on sale.

Update your social media bios with Black Friday sale info

Your social media platform bios are just another place for you to market your Black Friday sales. A quick change of bio for the next few days including a few key sale details and a link to your sale webpage (if you have one) will show visitors to your social platforms how they can access your Black Friday sales the minute they visit your page.

If you have any other ideas to share, feel free to pop them in the comments below 🙂



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  1. When it comes to bringing in sales during one of the busiest times of year, I would agree that freebies help. Even if they’re not made clear, they’re enticing enough to drum up interest.

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