This, right here, is our services hub. Take a look around and if there’s anything that looks like it could be useful to your business, don’t be afraid to reach out. On this page you’ll mostly find information about our ongoing business services – if you’re after a once-off piece of work, visit The Copy Shop instead.


Bespoke, SEO-friendly, personable copywriting for websites, ads, product descriptions, newsletters and more.


Engaging, targeted content, unique to your brand, for social media, blogs, websites and other needs.


Unique, contemporary digital design for business cards, flyers, pitch decks and other marketing collateral.


Collaborative small business marketing strategy development to support you and your business goals.

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Need ongoing blog content for your small business?

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Need social media content creation for your small business?

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Looking to outsource the creation of eDMs for your small business?

how we do small business marketing strategy

How it’s done


Book in or check out

Book a free 30-minute consultation or purchase a service or resource from The Copy Shop.


Wait while we work

We’ll combine our minds to put together a bespoke plan for your business or bring your idea to life.



You’ll have more time, less stress, a clear plan, crazy good assets and a team of creatives in your corner.

What you get

✨ Quick turnaround

✨ Clear and friendly communication

✨ Work with creative, knowledgeable, human beings

✨ No hidden fees, everything is outlined upfront

✨ Top-notch outcomes and assets, unique to your business

Your questions answered

Will the creative assets belong to myself and/or my business once the job is done?

Of course! As soon as payment is received by us, you can use the assets as you wish. Terms and conditions surrounding original working files and what we’re allowed to use for our own purposes (portfolios, case studies, etc.) can be agreed upon.

How long will it take for a final draft to be provided?

For our ad hoc creative services purchased through the Copy Shop, you can expect a turnaround timeframe of around 3-5 business days. You may even receive a first draft sooner. From there, it will depend on how quickly you get back to us with any required amendments before we send a final draft. For our ongoing services, creative project work and other customised services, we’ll do our best to work within your required time frame. If we required any additional time to carry out your work, we will ALWAYS communicate that with you.

What writing style can I expect in the copywriting and content provided?

We are very lucky to have a fantastic team of writers and content creators who are incredibly versatile and know how to work with their strengths. If you need something with a little more of a professional or corporate tone, we’ve got a writer for it. If you need something super weird, quirky or outrageously creative, we’ve got a writer for it. If you simply need great copy that’ll help connect the right people with you or your products, we’ve got a writer for it. If you need some help deciding on the kind of writing style you need, we’ve got your back. Our voice becomes your voice and your voice becomes our voice.

Will I receive SEO-friendly small business marketing copywriting and content?

Though we don’t offer in-depth SEO research and services, we do take into account SEO optimisation best practices in our projects. We’ve picked up a lot of SEO-related small business marketing knowledge and we like to keep up to date with whatever new info becomes available as time goes by. You’re very welcome to provide keywords for us to use if you’ve carried out your own research.

What if I don’t like the end product?

We get it. It happens. Sometimes in marketing there are creative differences that cannot be avoided. That’s why we always carry out a bit of a vibe check in our initial consultation (ie. an Insight check if you’re one of our D&D homies). If we feel as though what you need for your business isn’t within the realm of what we can offer, we will tell you from the get-go. The same goes for services purchased through the Copy Shop. If you purchase an item and we don’t feel as though we can provide the outcome you’re looking for, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. In saying that, we want to make sure you’re happy with the end result. If we carry out creative work for you that simply isn’t what you wanted, needed or expected, let us know your thoughts (don’t hold back) and we’ll have another go – the first revision is always on the house.

Do you offer international copywriting and content creation services?

Absolutely! The very nature of what we do allows us to work with businesses and individuals all over the world. We’re happy to work around time zones for video chats. We don’t need to see you in person for you to see results.