15 Social Media Post Ideas For Small Businesses

Believe me, I know how hard it can be to come up with ideas for regular social media posts as a small business owner. I not only have to worry about my own posts, but I also create posts and manage social media accounts for my clients too. So, in the spirit of sharing, here is my go-to list of 15 social media post ideas for small businesses that I’ve accumulated over the years that you can draw upon if you get stuck. This list has helped me out many times in the past so I hope it serves you well too 😊

Social Media Post Ideas For Small Business

  1. Promote one of your products or services
  2. Share a post about ‘a day in the life’ of your business
  3. Share a quote that relates to your industry or business
  4. Create a short ‘about my business’ post
  5. Create a short ‘about me’ / ‘meet the maker’ post
  6. Share a tip that will help solve a problem for your target market
  7. Share a recent achievement for your business
  8. Post your contact details to remind your clients where they can find you
  9. Share a previous blog post if your business has a blog
  10. Find a post by another social media account and re-post it (remember to credit the original poster)
  11. Start a daily, weekly or monthly post series (eg. I do a ‘Word of the Week’ post where I share an interesting word and some info about it)
  12. Run a giveaway or contest
  13. Share a statistic that might prompt people to buy your products or services
  14. Create a short video showing the process of you in action behind the scenes creating your products
  15. Give a shoutout to or run a feature post on one of your favourite customers or clients (who they are, how you help them, why you love working with them)

I hope this helps 🖤



Thank you!

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