Our why

Every creative working at iScribe has, at one stage or another, run a small business and/or freelanced.

We know the struggle. Marketing a small business is tough. Often, it’s hard to know where to even start, let alone find a budget big enough to hire an agency to help.

Our goal is to give small business owners a team to turn to who understand what they’re going through and can offer affordable tailored marketing support, services, resources and strategies unique to their business.

Your small business deserves a team of marketers who care about it just as much as you do.

Our team

The iScribe fam currently consists of…

Katelyn (Owner, Copywriter and Content Creator)

Angie (Copywriter and Content Creator)

Shannon (Designer and Strategist)

We each bring our own unique strengths, skills and marketing experience to the table but our underlying goals and values are strongly aligned.

50+ small businesses

Between us, we’ve worked with over 50 small businesses in different capacities to help them market and grow.

10+ years’ experience

Collectively, our team has racked up over 10 years of experience across various marketing roles in a range of industries.

5.0 star rating

Our clients are happy to leave us with top notch reviews because they know and trust in our team and our work.

Why us

With iScribe on your side you will…

Stress less about marketing.

Get more bang for your buck.

Thrive alongside your business.

Our services

All available resources and services have been designed with small businesses in mind. They are the kinds of things we wish we had when we were staring down the barrel of, what seemed at the time to be, a scary and overwhelming marketing journey.

BLog packages

Need ongoing blog content for your small business?

social media packages

Need social media content creation for your small business?

eDM packages

Looking to outsource the creation of eDMs for your small business?

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