The Importance Of Having An Amazing Email Signature

We’ve all been guilty of slapping together a haphazard email signature. Maybe we didn’t have the time, the knowledge or the resources to make a good one. Or we just figured it was just a way to cut down on the time we spend on our emails by making the sign off process automated. Today I’m doing you a favour by telling you to SORT YOUR SHIT OUT and make a proper, honest-to-goodness email signature for your small business. Even if you don’t own a small business, if you email people often for personal reasons, having a cool email signature is still worthwhile. Here’s the why and how of creating a professional email signature easily and for FREE!

Why is having a good email signature so important?

There are a few reasons why you try to use an email signature that looks good and provides all the information a contact could need in order to find you.

A good email signature makes a good first impression

As a small business owner, employee or even an individual sending personal emails, making a good first impression can be crucial to landing that new client or impressing the people you liaise with.

When you make that first point of contact with someone via email, your signature (or lack thereof) is going to be one of the first things they notice. Having a signature that’s up to date and looks great is going to leave them thinking that you’ve got your shit together which is always a nice outcome.

Promote your business or other projects for free

This is honestly such an important point. If you are a business owner (including freelancers) PUT YOUR BUSINESS CONTACT DETAILS IN YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL SIGNATURE. I cannot stress this enough.

You never know, the travel agent you send an email to about booking your personal travel might have a cousin who needs someone like you and the services your business offers.

The same goes for business email signatures. Always pop links to your website and social media accounts in there because it’s just another avenue for prospective clients and customers to discover what you and your brand can offer.

Allow contacts to gain insight into your brand identity

Putting together a signature that accurately represents you and your brand might seem like a small detail that can be left for another day. In reality, the sooner a potential client can get a feel for your brand identity and your personality, the sooner they might make the decision to work with you. It all comes back to making a good impression.

What should an email signature include?

A good business email signature should always include…

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Workplace/Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • A Link To Your Business Website
  • A Link To Your Business Social Media Accounts

You can also include a picture of you if you want to go for a more personal touch. Including a tagline can be a good way to promote the brand identity of your business too. It’s honestly up to you how creative you want to get with it.

How to create a free email signature

There are quite a few online platforms that offer free templates that allow you to choose a design, input your details and download a great signature. You can then easily copy and paste it into your signature space via your email settings.

My personal favourite is HoneyBook which actually offers quite a few other free templates and resources for businesses! I created a personal and business version of my signature using this service and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out…

Click here to visit HoneyBook and make your own email signature that rocks!



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