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Hiya! Welcome to this month’s Creative Corner post! I’ve so been looking forward to this because the creative we’ll be featuring today is such a cool person to chat to and so much fun to be around. She streams video games live on Twitch and she’s going to tell us all about what that’s like (the good, the bad and the ugly) and how she managed to turn it into a small side hustle while also working a full-time job.

Everyone, meet Angie…

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Angie, first things first, let’s learn a little bit about you. What are a few things we should know before jumping into this chat?

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia and I’m in my 20’s (I like to keep a lot of things about myself private, so I won’t be divulging too much personal info here). I own a dog, Fanta, and frog, Dexter, both of whom I love dearly. I’ve had Dexter for 8 years this year and Fanta for 5. I mainly stream in my spare time these days but I still game outside of the stream and enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, going out and about with Fanta and binge-watching true crime on Netflix.

A girl after my own heart…Netflix true crime docos is where it’s at, for sure! Now, for those who don’t know, what exactly is streaming?

Streaming is broadcasting yourself online for people to view. For myself it’s gaming through Twitch, but for other people it’s themselves cooking, making music, or simply just talking with their viewers.

Awesome! So basically, you’re doing something you love while broadcasting it and interacting with your viewers at the same time? Sounds like a fun gig. How did you get into streaming on Twitch? Is it scary knowing that you’re broadcasting yourself live to a large number of people?

I first started streaming back in May 2018. I don’t really know what got me into it, and to be honest, at the time I didn’t really know much about it. I guess I thought it was a cool way to meet new people through playing games.

It definitely is scary to be live as anything can happen! You obviously have to think about what you say (I’m not very good at that) and try your best to keep a positive attitude because it can’t be edited out! It’s great though, because your viewers catch funny things that happen, like getting scared by something in-game or my dog being silly in the background.

Haha yeah, I can see how that would entertaining! You’ve turned your streaming into a bit of a side hustle, putting your earnings toward new equipment, right? If you don’t mind me asking, how do you actually make money on Twitch? Like, is it a viable source of income with the potential to become a full-time gig?

So, you make money on Twitch mainly through subscribers. Subscribers can access your emotes (like emojis) and have a badge next to their name in your stream to show they’re a subscriber. The streamer can also offer other incentives for people to subscribe such as game nights. People can also donate if they choose and use currency called ‘Bits’ as well. It definitely has the potential to become a full-time job if you have enough subscribers supporting you. It’s not realistic for me right now but it’s a goal for the future for sure.

That makes sense, and why wouldn’t you try and turn something you love into a full-time career if it’s a viable option? Now, from what I’ve been told, your pup Fanta is a fan favourite on your stream. What sort of antics does she get up to while you game? Also, does your family know much about your Twitch stream?

Fanta is definitely a favourite! People pop into my stream and ask how she is before asking me! Often, she’s sleeping in the background, but occasionally she rolls around and makes noise, she only gets up if someone asks me to give her a treat!

At first my family didn’t understand streaming at all. Now though, my dad watches on Twitch and even comes into the stream! My viewers love him and think it’s great that he chats with everyone.

Hahaha I love it. Typical dogs and dads hogging the limelight. Now, can you tell us a little about your followers and subscribers? Being an online community, you’ve probably not met many (if any) of them in person. Do you prefer the online connections to, say, sitting down and playing video games with friends in a room together?

That’s a tough question as a lot of my close friends don’t game. I’ve met a few people in real-life that I’ve met online and it’s really cool to meet them in person. I definitely wouldn’t say I prefer having them stay as online friends, so it’s awesome when you can one day meet someone that you’ve spoken to online for a long time! I’d love to meet all the people that support me!

My followers are wonderful. They come from all walks of life and from all over the world and I think it’s so great to have followers from so many different places! They also like my humour and can have banter with me which I love and makes streaming so much fun!

So, it’s all about the people then? That makes a lot of sense. I guess you’d have to enjoy being somewhat sociable if you’re streaming to any number of followers on a consistent basis. On that note, if you had to list three qualities that make someone a good streamer, what would they be?

For me, the three best qualities would be friendliness, a sense of humour, and being genuine.

And what is it that you love most about streaming on Twitch?

The thing I love the most is definitely meeting new people. I’ve made friends from so many different parts of the world, people that I don’t know what I’d do without and I’ve never even met them in person! Hopefully one day (after Covid) I can change that.

Cool, cool, cool. Now, another thing we have to touch on is getting hate from viewers. There can be a bit of stigma attached to streaming, especially for female streamers. Have you ever experienced that? If so, how do you respond or react?

I have received hate. It depends on what mood I’m in as to how I respond. Luckily my moderators are very good at deleting the comments/banning people before I even see it. Most of the time I just ignore them.

Good for you! That’s a great approach. Don’t feed their bullshit and just get on with doing what you do best! Finally, if someone were thinking of starting a stream of their own, what’s the best advice you could give them?

For newcomers to Twitch I would say perseverance. It is definitely something that takes effort, and it takes time to build a community – it’s very easy to get disheartened if things are slow. Just be yourself and try to have fun!

On that note, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me, Angie. You’re a bloody legend and I know your subscriber count is just going to keep on rising! 🙂

If you’ve got yourself a Twitch account and are a regular gamer, check out Angie’s stream via the links below. She mostly streams Apex Legends, if that’s your jam.


Twitter: @buttlunchh

Instagram: @buttlunchh

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