Thank You & Merry Christmas

I’m going to add to the barrage of Christmas well wishes undoubtedly heading your way and send you my own little Christmas greeting, plus a huge message of thanks.

What a year it’s been, hey? *sighs*

I think this Christmas break is something we’ve all been looking forward to. No matter what you’ve done with your year – hibernated, carried on as usual, made a few life changing decisions – it’s time to chill out a bit.

If you’ve been caught in the wave of people stuck in self-isolation over the Christmas period, I truly feel for you. For some of us it’s hard enough seeing friends and family at the best of times, let alone with a global pandemic nipping at our heels.

For those of us who are still free to go about our business and see our loved ones, enjoy it to the full extent of what it’s worth. Taking that for granted simply isn’t on the cards anymore.

Though it may still be a little while before we can start seeing any semblance of “normal” in our lives again, I’m finding our “new normal” less and less daunting with each day that passes. I hope you are too.

Before I finish up, I’d like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of my friends and family who have supported my decision to become a full-time freelance copywriter this year. Your constant encouragement keeps me going. To my wonderful clients, if you’re reading this, I so appreciate how you’ve all been so bloody wonderful to work with. Starting out on your own is a scary thing but you’ve all made the transition from corporate office life to work from home freelancing such an easy move to make.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!