Best Lo-Fi Music Inspired by Pop Culture

Lo-fi music is such a stunningly versatile genre. Being a low key nerd myself, I figured I’d put together a list of my favourite themed lo-fi beats inspired by pop culture. From Critical Role to Adventure Time and bits and pieces in between, anyone who loves to chill with music while they work or study will adore these lo-fi tracks. You don’t even have to be a nerd to enjoy them.

Firstly, what is lo-fi music?

I guess I’d describe lo-fi (low fidelity) music first and foremost as “chill beats”. It’s the kind of music you can easily listen to when you’re studying or working. I have trouble concentrating on anything else when I’m listening to songs with lyrics, so I prefer lo-fi that’s predominantly just plain old music. It takes elements from hip-hop, jazz and other smooth genres and usually contains bits and pieces that are classed as “imperfect” or “undesirable” in mainstream music – things like misplayed notes, distortion or background noise. These elements simply add to the aesthetic and actually make lo-fi super satisfying to listen to. It’s not surprising that it’s also known as DIY music due to its imperfect nature and quality.

Popular lo-fi artists include Jinsang and Knxwledge, plus you can find some super chill compilations via the YouTube channel ChilledCow (the chillest of cows).

Super cute art featured on the chilledcow YouTube channel.

The nerd-worthy lo-fi list…

Ok, here we go. For your listening pleasure I present a few of my favourite lo-fi beats (all available via YouTube) inspired by pop culture…

Avatar: The Last Airbender lo-fi

There is a ton of Avatar: The Last Airbender lo-fi out there to choose from. I’ve added a few here: compilation, character inspired and scene inspired. When Iroh’s part comes up I’m not crying, you’re crying.

airbender 🍂 ~ lofi hip hop mix – Cozy
1 HR Uncle Iroh Inspiration 🔥 Avatar Lofi Study Beats – Olivia Tatara
Avatar: The Last Airbender☁️ ~ 1 HOUR OF LOFI CHILLOUT MUSIC | Vol.1 – Simon Groß

Critical Role lo-fi

For those who haven’t heard of Critical Role, it is a weekly video show live-streamed on Twitch (eps can also be found on YouTube) where a “bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors” come together to play Dungeons & Dragons. It is truly magnificent. Don’t despair, even if you’re not of the D&D disposition, you’ll still be able to enjoy these delightful lo-fi tunes. There are some amazing fan-made compositions, as well as a few official Critical Role lo-fi to enjoy. Get your sad wizard vibes on or enjoy a calming tea with Caduceus Clay. Enjoy.

Your Turn To Roll – Critical Role LoFi – Autumn Orange
Sad Wizard Vibes – Critical Role LoFi – Autumn Orange
Mighty Vibes Vol. 3: Chill Tunes to Drink Tea/Meditate To – Critical Role

Adventure Time lo-fi

It’s lo-fi time, come on grab your friends. Seriously though, once you hear these Adventure Time inspired lo-fi beats you’ll be sharing them with all your friends. If you miss Adventure Time and need a little bit of lovin’ from Finn and Jake and the rest of the gang, these are the perfect lo-fi mixes for you!

ADVENTURE WAVE – (• ◡•) (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) – An Adventure Time Lofi Mix – Akira The Don
Adventure Time | Lofi | hip hop mix 🎵🍔 – Yamakasi CHiLL
Adventure Time Lofi MEGA MIX [REUPLOAD] – Waddle Dee Pop

Honourable Mentions

lofi 2020 marvel comic book announcements to study / relax to – Marvel Entertainment
Fully Realised (Lo-Fi Taako Tune) – Jen
Nintendo Lofi (For Studying / Relaxing / Gaming) – Dystify Community

Welp, I think we’re all pretty much set for life in the way of nerd-worthy lo-fi mixes now. You can thank me later (or in the comments below, either way works). Enjoy, fellow writers, creatives, students – everyone who enjoys a little something something to keep their dumb brains satiated while they work.



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