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This Month’s Creative Corner sits incredibly close to my heart. I’m chatting with my wonderful little sister who lets her creativity shine through her work as a Senior Hair Stylist and Salon Manager at The Mixx, located in one of the largest inland cities in Australia…Toowoomba, Queensland!

Everyone, meet Rachel…

Rach! I’m so happy to be chatting with you today. I know we chat a lot but we don’t speak about work stuff that often so this will be really fun. First of all, let’s start off with a little bit of an intro about who you are.

I know, right? Keen to chat! So, I have always been extremely passionate about hair even if it was just trying to convince you to let me do your hair when we were little. I came from a small town (Boonah) where it is a super tight community. Friends and family are my everything. I moved to Toowoomba to move in with my partner and it was at that point I knew I needed to try and get the career I had always wanted…hairdressing!

Hahahaha yeah, I remember the pigtails and the braids oh, so well 😂

So what was it exactly that drew you to hairdressing as a career and what was the turning point that made you decide to turn it into a full time job? What were the steps you took to actually land a hairdressing gig without any prior experience?

The reasoning behind getting into hairdressing was because it was something I had always wanted to do and I was extremely passionate about it. When moving in with my partner, Mitch, I had come to the realisation that all I wanted to do was to start a career in hairdressing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I walked the streets of Toowoomba and nearby Pittsworth, handing my resume into ALL the salons and praying one would get back to me. After a few hit and misses, Grace (my amazing boss) got in touch and offered me a traineeship at The Mixx. I feel like I couldn’t be luckier to have received that phone call!

It’s funny you mention walking into salons and actually giving them a copy of your printed resume. I remember doing that when I was younger, but nowadays everything is usually done over the phone or via email. It’s nice to know that the old school approach still works (as of a few years ago when you did it, anyway). It’s so much more personable and it helps the potential employer put a face to the name. I love it!

So, what were you doing before hairdressing? Do you ever regret your decision to change careers?

Prior to hairdressing I was working in a café and service-station as a barista and cashier. As much as I loved my previous jobs, it wasn’t my passion. It was very hard leaving my old jobs as I had such a tight bond with other staff and customers. However, I knew it was something I needed to do not only for my career but for my relationship as well. It would make me happier and provide me with some stability, which would allow my partner and I to live the life we wanted to live.

It’s really great to hear that. I’m so glad that you’ve set up an awesome lifestyle for yourself through a job that you love! What is it that you love most about working in a creative business like The Mixx?

The thing I love most about managing the team and hair styling at The Mixx is being able to be creative in making beautiful hair everyday and making my amazing clients feel beautiful in their own skin. I have clients I now call my close friends and colleges I consider my family. Working at The Mixx doesn’t feel like work, it feels like home.

Ugh. You’re making me so happy. Seriously, I love speaking with people who enjoy their work and love their colleagues and clients. You’re very lucky. Not many people can say that they’re working in their dream job. So, what’s on the cards for future Rachel? Any plans to open your own business or anything like that?

I don’t think owning my own salon will be on the cards for a long time (if ever) as I just enjoy managing The Mixx too much to ever want to give that up in the near future.

That’s completely fair! If you’ve found a good thing, stick with it as long as you can. As someone who started out in the industry with no idea what you were doing, and within a few short years have moved into the role of Salon Manager and Senior Hair Stylist, do you have any advice for budding hairdressers with dreams of entering the industry?

The best tip I would have for getting into the hairdressing industry is to make sure you really want to do it and are really passionate about as it isn’t easy if you aren’t cut out for it. Long hours, on your feet all day, work every Saturday and late nights, lots of pressure. Only people who are super passionate can hope to be a good hairdresser.

I feel like that’s awesome advice because it honestly transfers to almost any industry, especially when it comes to creative endeavours. Unless you’re passionate about something, the chances of truly succeeding are slim to none.

Thank you so much for chatting with me and for sharing your experience with my readers, Rach! Super proud of everything you’re doing 🥰

If you live in or around Toowoomba, you can use any of the links below to check out Rachel’s hair styling talents and book in an appointment to see her at The Mixx Salon!


Instagram: @hairbyrachel_themixx | @themixx_

Facebook: @themixxtoowoomba

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🖤 Katelyn

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