5 Useful Daily Habits For New Small Business Owners And Freelancers

As a relatively new small business owner and freelancer myself, I’ve picked up a few daily habits here and there that have made my life a hell of a lot easier. These are small changes you can make in your daily work life that will help you build great business practices in the long run. So, without further ado, have a quick read through these 5 useful daily habits for new small business owners and freelancers and let me know your thoughts!

make a to-do list for the next day the night before

Taking 10-15 minutes before you finish up work for the day to make a list of things you need to accomplish tomorrow is a fantastic way to build organisational skills. It doesn’t need to be an in depth list. It just needs to outline the ‘must do’ tasks so the minute you start working, you know what your priorities are.

Reach out to one client per day for a review

Reach out to one past client every day and ask them to leave you a review. Do it today. Then, do it tomorrow. Yep, do it again the next day. Make a habit of it. Soon, you’ll have a bunch of awesome reviews AND you might find that reaching out to clients you haven’t spoken with in a while leads to more work. It’s much easier to reconnect with old clients than it is to find new ones. Honestly, this has got to be one of my favourite daily habits for new small business owners.

Set a social media posting goal and stick to it

Social media is such a huge part of business. When you make it a habit to post consistent, relevant content, you’ll see your follower count, and your client base grow over time. A few months ago, I set a goal to post once a day (on weekdays) to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This has resulted in much more engagement, amazing networking opportunities and it has helped me to define the identity of my business. I seriously recommend it. If you need a writer/content creator to help you put together a social media content plan for your business, feel free to reach out.

Find something you enjoy doing and incorporate it into your day

I’ve found that working from home plus running a business tends to lead to the business overtaking life. It’s important to allow yourself time to do the things you enjoy doing. For me, I enjoy reading. So, I try my best to remove myself from my laptop at least once every day and take half an hour to read a chapter or two. If you like jogging, go for a half hour jog. If you like yoga, set aside a little time for it. Painting might be your thing. If so, bring out the brushes for a little while each day. Set aside time for you and the things you love each day and you’ll feel refreshed and inspired.

Write down at least one new SMART goal each day

Small business owners are ideas people. There are a million ideas flying around in our minds at any given time. Each day, I try to choose just one attainable goal (SMART goal) or idea and add it to my to-do list with a set due date. This helps keep me focused and working towards new ideas without losing myself in a thousand crazy thoughts all at once.

Can you suggest any other daily habits for new small business owners and freelancers that can help build a stronger, more manageable business? Let me know in the comments!



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